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Organic Aronia Berry Juice 100% 700 ml

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Aronia, the black chokeberry or shadberry (Aronia melanocarpa Elliot) is high in water-soluble vitamins including P (flavonoid), B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, C, H. and in fat-soluble vitamins as A, E and K contributing to its exceptional healing value not to mention its dense contents of phenolic phytochemicals, especially anthocianins attributed to antioxidant qualities. Its anthocianin content is outstanding among the berries with its 800-1000mg in 100g of fresh berries. Aronia has attracted scientific interest at least as much as the magic Tahitian Noni fruit.

Physiological benefits:
Aronia has a highly effective anti-inflammatory or preventive impact.
It stimulates blood circulation, prevents the formation of clots, strengthens the heart and protects urinary tract against inflammation.

Successful clinical results show benefits of Aronia in the following diseases:
Bowel irregularities, gastric mucosal disorders, liver-and bilious failure, skin disorders, allergy symptoms, diabetes, childhood diseases (scarlat fever, measles), high blood pressure and every other cardiovascular failure, coagulation disorders, thrombosis, urinary tract infections, thyroid disorders, improving of chemotherapy patients' condition and life quality, threat of blindness (uveitis).


Dr. Simoncsics Péter
TermészetGYÓGYÁSZ Magazin
Based on the article of XIV. September 2008

Product of Hungary made in Kovács László's own organic plantation.

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