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Organic Raw Sea Spaghetti BioAbc 50g

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Sea Spaghetti, also known as Himanthalia Elongata, is a seaweed grown in the Atlantic coast of Ireland. It looks like spaghetti right out of the water. When soaked in water, sea spaghetti fully saturates and expands in size.

In a 5 gram serving, sea spaghetti contains dietary fiber (5%), vitamin C (400%), potassium (40%), magnesium (29%), calcium (25%) and iodine (56%). It is so far the most nutritious raw pasta replacement. Eating sea spaghetti often is a great way to ensure an alkalising, and mineralising diet.

You can eat it with a simple dressing of olive oil & vinegar, drown it in a tomato pasta sauce; or it can be eaten like normal spaghetti - just boiled for 10 - 15 mins and added to pasta or chopped up within a salad. The ways are endless but it's always a nurturing and fulfilling meal.

Product of Ireland

  • Shipping Weight: 50g
  • Manufactured by: BioABC

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